Cycling from The Netherlands to Switzerland

In the summer of 2021 I took a short break from work to visit my family in Switzerland. Going over the available options for transportation, I unhesitatingly decided to go there on my Surly, steel is real, Straggler. I created the route using, it’s a truly amazing tool! On some earlier tours I did by bike crossing the border between NL and Germany, I learned finding a campsite can be a bit tricky in these areas.
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Peak District

On Monday the 11th of November 2019 I set out to Ijmuiden (NL) to hop on the ferry to Newcastle and start my first ever bicycle tour in England, the Peak District. From there I’d catch the intercity train to Sheffield where I’d change to a regional train that’d take me to Heathersage. A couple degrees Celsius above zero, it was apparent fall had set in on the English midlands.
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Ardennes Arbalete

In July 2019 I hopped on the train to Maastricht to start my first proper bikepacking trip on my ECR. The Ardennes Arbalete sparked my interest months prior. I just got my Surly ECR in May, and went for an overnighter in the Veluwe (NL) in June. Hence, I didn’t quite know what to expect on a multi-day tour. Questions like; How will the bike hold up? Will the powerbank have enough juice?
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